I will refuse to dance...
to the pressure
to be or to do.
or to prove something.
In order to win someone's love.
Or acceptance.

I am not a slave to the opinions of others.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fall Semester 2011

Hey Guys. So I thought I would update my semester and show yall some of the stuff that happened....

Met a lot of awesome people this semester and made some really lasting friendships!

Those are just a few of them of my awesome friendships

The Rangers almost won the World Series. (sad day, still breaks my heart)

I work at a pretty cool place....
Happy Trails Outdoor Goods and More

I went to college but felt like I was in elementary school.....we sang songs all the time (and by songs i mean like kid songs)

Those are some of the major things, if you want to read more in detail check out my other blog.

Love you bunches and a ton!

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