I will refuse to dance...
to the pressure
to be or to do.
or to prove something.
In order to win someone's love.
Or acceptance.

I am not a slave to the opinions of others.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Ballpark....

So if you don't know, I'm in love with baseball. I find it one of the best sports on the planet earth. Granted I'm not great at catching-throwing and don't even ask me to hit a ball, but the game itself is a passion of mine. I follow the Texas Rangers in the summer pretty much religiously (i even follow the players on twitter) When they cry I cry. When they celebrate I celebrate. I don't think my family and I have missed many games this season. If we aren't at the ballpark we have FoxSports Southwest on or on Fridays it's on 21. I think we've been about ten times this summer to the ballpark and here is what I have learned and grown to love about the place of the Texas Rangers.

You walk in to families, couples, groups, number 1 fans.... you see red and blue and white all around you. The smell of hot dogs/ garlic fries/ nachos/ ice cold beer surround you. You hear the music and you hear the people talking about the boys as if they were best friends with them. You get to your seat (it doesn't matter where you sit) and the crowd is ready.

First Pitch. Nail bitter to start the game. First strike out the fans go wild. You have the home run race/steal a base/dot race/all the clapping songs to get the fans into the game. OH Wait what's that, yeah Nelson Cruz homered to center field......BOOM fireworks......Crowd goes crazy!!!

So I'm sure you're like Ashlee....REALLY? Well here is what I have learned with my many trips to the ballpark.

1. Everybody is welcomed, but if you're wearing the wrong team. Peace out sucka!

2. The game is high energy all the time

3. Even when we lose a game, the Ranger fans stay though it all.

4. The fans sing with all the songs they play.

5. It is the only place I will dance, and not get embarrassed.

6. It's where every boy dreams to be playing one day.

7. It's where daddy's take their daughters and sons

8. It's where when we win a game, you wait to watch the boys celebrate it.

9. You know the beer man by name

10. When asked for a moment of silence for our fallen soldiers, you could hear a pin drop with the pure respect of 40 thousand or so fans.

11. Everybody working is full of energy, even in 105 degree weather.

12. Fans scream for their favorite player like they've known them all their lives.

13. You leave the ballpark with new friends.

14. When singing God Bless America, the whole crowd sings along

15. President George W. Bush cheers on the Rangers and when his face shows up on the jumbo tron, the crowd goes wild.

16. When honoring veterans of wars, the crowd doesn't hesitate to get on its feet to thank the men and women serving for our freedom.

17. Where Josh Hamilton tells his testimony.

18. When they win a big game and you look around at people crying because they are so happy.

19. Everybody dances to the Cotton Eye Joe and does a little jig during the 7th inning.

20. Everybody knows if the Rangers score a run in the ____th inning everybody gets a free taco from ____ ____. lol

21. If the Rangers score 7 runs you get half off your order at _____ _____.

22. It's not the Home team but the RANGERS while singing "take me out to the ballgame"

23. Where you can find some pretty attractive men, but they aren't there for the women they're there for the game.

24. You cheer for your specific DOT during the dot race and you know there is no wagering allowed.

25. And lastly it's a place where you go to watch a team that loves what they are doing.

Now i could be wrong but the Texas Rangers, in my opinion, have some pretty awesome fans and your experience at the ballpark will not be forgotten. It's a very special place to my heart and every time i walk through the gates all I can do is smile! :)

p.s the answers to the blanks are.......5th and taco bueno and papa johns! lol

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