I will refuse to dance...
to the pressure
to be or to do.
or to prove something.
In order to win someone's love.
Or acceptance.

I am not a slave to the opinions of others.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My life so far this semester

Life this semester

Hey guys! Just thought I'd give an update on my semester.

Can we say busy?!? Lol but I love it. I think the only time I take a break is to sleep.
I am still carrying a 4.0 this semester!!

I work at Happy Trails Outdoor Goods and More!! (let me just say retail therapy I'd great but working retail is not my fav but it pays the bills and I enjoy the job because it's different than most retail)

I got involved in a WONDERFUL church. I am working with the preschool and the college international ministry. Love it, but my favorite part about the new church is my friends!! Can I say answered prayers?! Everyone of them are a huge blessing in my life!! Especially the 606 group. Lol

I'm in the process of moving out of the dorms and into an apartment!! I'm super pumped. I'm moving in with two awesome girls (Hannah and Isabelle)!

I am still single :( I know it's God's timing but it hit me the other day...I'm getting older and MY plan may not be reality. It makes me sad to think about it but I try to keep positive. I'm ready for a man go step up for once.

I have really connected with myself this semester. I know this might sound bad, but I'd much rather wear t-shirt and shorts just because I'm more comfy. (maybe that's why I'm single still lol)

I think of Peru all the time..... Gosh I wanna go back.

I haven't gone home yet..... Not till October 7th. Gosh longest time ever without seeing my family but with my busy schedule I don't have much time to be homesick.

So that's my life in a nutshell!! :)

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